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ADC Contemporary/Building Bridges International Art Exchange/MOPLA

Mar 31 2012
Opening Reception: Harmonious Tableau

ADC Contemporary, Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave., F2, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Admission: Free

ADC Contemporary & Building Bridges International Art Exchange presents the “Harmonious Tableau” exhibition featuring the works of Ashly Stohl, Dan Shepherd, James Barros, Jim Brammer, Massimiliano Leanza, Michael Gotz, Mike Spitz, Shannon Rowland O’Connor, and Travis Robinson.
This landscape show features work from the members of the f/9 Photography Collective.  “Harmonious Tableau” explores the relationship between urban and natural landscapes. Bringing these two together offers the opportunity to experience and appreciate their inherent design elements. The ability to compare natural and urban settings that might have been overlooked initially offers a deeper look into what makes them each inherently beautiful. These two otherwise disparate settings instead inspire the viewer to realize what might be essentially shared in terms of color, texture, and atmosphere. Bringing these images together provide a second chance to appreciate what we might have missed. 

Ashly Stohl is a Los Angeles based photographer born and bred. Her work centers around that which is uniquely Los Angeles; the culture, the landscape, and the people. 

Dan Shepherd was raised in the Pacific Northwest, enjoyed his creative years in New York City and now finds himself a recent transplant in Los Angeles. He currently splits his time between the visual arts and working for conservation organizations. 
Jim Brammer after retiring from IBM in 2006, Jim decided it was time for his right brain to come out and play. He set about learning the art of photography, became President of Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County, and established a boutique portrait studio in Los Angeles, along with a growing list of corporate clients for his commercial photography business. Jim’s next frontier is fine art photography.
Massimiliano Leanza was born and raised in Catania, Sicily. He started to take photos at twenty,
motivated by a strong passion for portraying situations and people related to his life. His personal research draws the different stages of the existence, describing an imaginary reality through memories and through the unconscious. Massimiliano lives and work in Los Angeles, California.
Michael Gotz, after reviewing a life of no artistic endeavor, Michael entered the world of traditional film photography in 2004. Taking this art form quite seriously he can now be considered a member of the "emerging photographer" category. Based in Los Angeles but widely traveled he is interested in
photographing features he finds in Germany, England, India, Italy, and any other points he can get to.
Mike Spitz grew up in Cincinnati and was an actor in Chicago and New York City before moving to Los Angeles in 2000. He has self-published two books of photography: “Crumbling City” and “Etranger”. 
Shannon Rowland O’Connor is a Los Angeles based photographer who focuses on portraiture and abstract landscapes. Themes expressed in her work are identity, intrigue, isolation and self reflection. She finds inspiration in non traditional places using a juxtaposition of elements. 
Travis Robinson is a climber who took is camera around. For over ten years Travis Robinson has been climbing in California's mountains and rock crags, he brings a camera along most of the time. Robinson photographs with compact digital, 35mm, 120mm up to 4x5 large format field cameras. 
James Barros was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and his photography is strongly influenced by; Los Angeles, his travels, his philosophical and religious studies, but primarily by the wonders of every day life. His primary goal in art is to use it as a tool to understand the world around us, and to share in the sense of wonder he has created for us.